laughter lining.

so i’m in a sketch/improv comedy group on campus called images of identities, and we recently had our second show of the year. one of the things i love most about being in the group is our ability to take things that otherwise wouldn’t be funny, and turn them into something hilarious. for instance, one year, a girl who was mad at a former friend sent an e-mail to essentially the entire black community trying to “expose” her. while people wrote long letters on a campus blog about their disappointment in such childishness, we made a skit. using a theme of power rangers, we brought the situation to life on the stage at our next show, and had people cracking up, including the girl who was the subject of the e-mail.

last show, we closed the show with a skit called “5th & Main”, a take on “106 & Park” which used campus streets. after satirizing the awkward and ridiculous exchange  waka flocka flame & terrence j had about voting & education, the characters on stage introduced the number one video of the day: “EBT swag”, a parody of “pretty boy swag”. sure, some people are pimping the system, but speaking for myself, being in a position to need EBT is no hoe. there’s nothing funny about being too broke to pay for your own groceries. and there’s surely no hilarity in having a bitchy cashier loudly & condescendingly say “oh, i didn’t know you were using FOOD STAMPS. can you re-swipe?”, as if there aren’t 6 people in line behind you.

but dammit, we made it funny. i’ve always been the type that laughs to keep from crying, but being in images has really honed that skill. and now, more than ever, i need that. i’ve got my final year of undergrad, the application process to law school and teach for america, copious money issues, my mom’s condition, and a host of other things always poking holes in my happiness. but now, for the first time in a long time, i have the same stressors that i’ve had for years, but i’m reacting differently. i’m in this strange place where i’m so used to being depressed, and so accustomed to everything crumbling around me, that it feels awkward to be happy and in control. i’m  actually okay. and it feels amazing. a lot of that comes from the fact that when troubles come, i’m able to laugh, dust myself off, and keep pushing.

i’m proud.

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