Of Beasts and Bud.

There are a myriad of highly intellectual, articulate, and very strong arguments for marijuana legalization. I don’t feel like giving any of those today. This is more of a “really, dude?” moment. I present to you yet another reason that I think our drug policy regarding marijuana is bullshit: Here in the good old US of A, in 18 states and D.C., there are no laws against zoosexual activity.

But weed is illegal in each of those places.

And many of the faces of the marijuana prohibition cause stand strongly behind their beliefs not strictly because of the potential pitfalls of legalization, but mainly because of an issue of morality. For them, marijuana is “just wrong”. So…where’s the uproar about making the sexytime with animals?

It just really blows me that if I go to North Carolina, per sé, and decide to find exciting and creative ways to engage a labrador retriever sexually, it’s completely legal.  But if I want to burn a plant, giggle uncontrollably, have high sex (with another human being), and then eat Smartfood popcorn and Sour Punch Straws with half-open eyes…I’m a criminal.

Priorities, man.

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