pink and blue.

watched a home movie earlier where 4 of my 5 younger siblings were very young, and playing with toys. my father asked the girls what they were doing, to which they responded “playing barbies!” he then asked my brother (only boy in the family) “are you playing barbies?” my brother vehemently shook his head no, and chuckled a bit, continuing to play with his tonka truck, while my sisters all burst into uproarious laughter at the thought. i also noticed how they were all dressed in very “girly” clothing and colors, while my brother donned a black harley davidson sweatsuit.

just made me think a lot about how intensely gender is constructed in certain households, particularly ones in which there is a sole male or female child in a group of siblings. i’m certain that if there were 5 boys in my family, and one girl, the same amount of pushing in the direction of the “appropriate” behaviors, toys, and dress would have occurred.

this has been another edition of: “i am completely unable to enjoy things without socioanalyzing them.” ok bye.

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