one day.

for myself, and anyone who can relate.

one day, you have to let go. you have to grow up, be strong. you can’t be a victim forever. you cannot let the darkness of your past overcome you, because then it will become you. it will be all that you are. it will cripple you, prevent you from moving forward. and you are much too beautiful, too brilliant for this to be permitted. the past is painful, and hard to forget, but if you allow yourself to be trapped there, you will miss out on how phenomenal your future can be.

one day, you must be bold enough to speak out against that which has so constantly plagued you. you must forsake self-silence, abandon the thought that uncomfortable body language and subliminal stares are enough to quiet shameful ignorance. no one in this world is entitled to any amount of care from others. but if you put forth the right amount of effort, you can make people give a damn, wake them up. this cannot be done if you choose to wallow in pity and sorrow. this will always be an afterthought if you are satisfied to be a victim forever.

one day, you will find yourself at the end of your transformation. from victim to victor. it will have been a long time coming. you will have prayed, and cursed, and cried. damn near quit. you will have had moments of pure self-loathing, and ones of sheer felicity. you will have been accompanied on the road by the ones you love, and at darker times, bore the burden alone. but once you finally made up in your mind that you could not be a victim forever, no set of circumstances were able to deter you from completing your journey.

one day, you will find yourself in contact with someone fighting the very demons you worked so laboriously to defeat. and you will be able to show them that they won’t have to be a victim forever.

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