i’m SO incredibly tired of being viewed by the government as a financial dependent of my parents. they give me NO FUNDS, but somehow, i end up having my level of financial need based on their income. my dad won’t even give me the money he promised to put toward my class ring (as a gift, mind you), so what the shit makes you think he’ll pay my [out-of-state] tuition? furthermore, my parents didn’t even claim me as a dependent on their taxes this year. even they know that i’m poor, ass out, and without their assistance anymore. so fuck you FAFSA, LSAC, U of M OFA, etc, etc. i need more finaid money. i need application and test fee waivers. i need grants, not loans. what irritates me the most about the process for defining a student as dependent is that it assumes the parent/child relationship has a financial facet.

the fact that parents have income doesn’t mean that it’s making its way to their collegiate child. every year my EFC is big, but i get 0.0 repeating dollars from jimmy jr. & crystal mae. now i do understand the logic behind it; if the appeal process for being able to file as independent was made easier and less stringent, everybody and their mama would claim that their parents didn’t give them a damn thing, and subsequently benefit. but there has to be a better way of figuring out what students need based on what they receive from parents, for those who get money, and those who don’t. the reward process desperately needs to be tailored. because if i don’t get shit while someone whose daddy pays all their bills manages to get a $4,000 refund check every semester, i will (as the homie “s” suggested in my last post) start stabbing people with forks. i’m *webbie voice* i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t!

now give me some fucking money.

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