stimulus package.

this morning, over the course of 2 hours with 3 friends, i was reminded of how stimulating conversation can be, with the right topic, and the right people. our chill session was about 4 or 5 hours long, but there were 120-ish glorious minutes in there in which we had a very serious conversation (i’m working on another post that’ll discuss in part what we talked about). what i loved most was that it perfectly tiptoed the fine line between “friendly discussion” and “spirited debate”. we toyed with old ideas, created new ones, and challenged each other’s thought processes surrounding the issues.

times like this–for me–are what separate friends from acquaintances, and can be make or break in deciding whether or not to continue to build on a friendship. i don’t have ridiculous requirements for my friends, but one that i value the most is the ability to be intellectually stimulating. if our conversations are always basic and circumstantial, there’s no way it’ll work for the long term. but conversely, if your intellectualism comes at the cost of you being a stuffy, pompous ass, it won’t work either.

thankfully there was a balance this morning. foolishness, laughs, 2 hours of deep conversation, and then a segue back into more comedy. absolutely perfect. we’ll have to do that again sometime soon. topic ideas, anyone? 🙂

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